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The Long Awaited... Sean & Katelyn

This post makes me sooo happy! My brother married his true love this June, I cried more the two days of the wedding than I think in my entire life, and I was happy! If I was like this for my big brother's wedding I'm going to be a basket case for the 3 younger sibs, sheesh. It was an amazing day and an amazing wedding, I have so many photos I don't know what to do with them all! Here are a few of my absolute favorites!

Katelyn and Seany...


My Brother Sean is an amazing musician, he can pick almost any instrument up and teach himself how to play beautiful music with it. At the wedding, after the toast and before the crazy dance party, Sean sat down in front of all of us and played a song he wrote for Katelyn, it was incredible! 

Katelyn's shoes were her something blue...
Kelley DeBettencourt took this sweet shoe shot after a pretty wild hale storm during the reception. 

We still managed to grab some great photos before the storm rolled through!

I love the way the sun plays through the trees


Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!


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