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Congratulations Sara & James!!!

These two gorgeous love birds wed on a glorious fall day in Hyannis port. Surrounded by family and friends they laughed and loved and said "I do". Once happily married Sara and James danced and feasted along with their guests to their hearts content, what a great day and a beautiful couple! I am so glad that I was able to be a part of such a wonderful day!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Katheleen & John!!!

Last week's storm might have forced us all to change our plans and stay inside, but no matter how much the wind howled and the rain fell it couldn't keep these two love birds from saying "I Do" and committing their lives and love to one another. With only the most important people as witnesses these two love birds got married, not on the beach in front of the light house but in their own home in front of a beautiful painting of the lighthouse, it was perfect. Thank you Katheleen and John for allowing us to photograph your most amazing of moments!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Jacqueline & Seth!!!

 These two love birds are a perfect pair, and they proved it this past weekend in their grace of overcoming the forces of nature and a complete change of plans to create one of the most memorable and beautiful weddings I have witnessed! Surrounded by love, friends and family, Jacqueline and Seth promised to be each other's shelter in love and life while the wind whipped over us in our own unique ceremonial shelter on Edgartown Harbor. When you have Love and support from loved ones around you the weather is nothing but a fun challenge, and for a photographer; a romantic backdrop. You might recognize J & S from their engagement portrait we did out on Lambert's Cove about a year ago; they're even more adorable now! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of such a wonderful day and celebration of love. I hope to see you both again soon.

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


Such a Tease!!!

Congratz J & S!!! More to come very soon...

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


Three's Company!

That's right; three is better than one so why not a three family photo session! We had a blast playing at the beach and dock at Owen Park in Vineyard Haven, and it was so wonderful to see the Reynold's and the Solo's again with their new additions! I hope to see you all again next year!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Sarah & Taylor!!!

I can't express enough how amazing it is to photograph two people in love on their wedding day, it's phenomenal, I am so lucky! Sarah and Taylor brought tears to my eyes at their first look with their affection for one another and their excitement and almost disbelief at the thought of marrying one another. It was a beautiful wedding day surrounded by love, family and friends! Thank you so much Sarah & Taylor for letting me be a part of your day, and to the Ives family; it was so great to see you all again!

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Stacy & Larry!!!

Two days of amazing views surrounded by very happy people! That was just how awesome Stacy & Larry's Wedding was. First day of celebration was on the Alabama out on West Chop and then these two love birds tied the knot on East Chop with their dearest friends and family. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a great group of people and to witness such a lovely joining of a perfect pair. Congratulations Larry & Stacy!

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


The Phillips Family…

The Phillips family are back for another sunny portrait session! We had fun playing on Moshup's Beach up in Aquinnah; throwing rocks and climbing on them too! It was so great to see them again and I can't wait for next year. Check out this adorable Family...

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Wise Family…

The last days of Summer are upon us and I'm so glad I was able to meet and photograph the Wise Family before Summer's end. What an amazing spot out on Lambert's Cove as well as a beautiful family and perfect late summer day light; it all came together so that we could take these awesome photographs. Check out the Wise Gang...

xoxoxox ♥Kristen


The Guittarr Family…

I had the pleasure of photographing the Guittarr family on a very special day on a beautiful Sunday morning in Menemsha this past week. It was so great to see them all again and I was so glad that they could all come together on Labor Day weekend so I could snag these great pics before Summer's End. Thank you all so much and Happy 40th Anniversary!!! xoxo

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


Kristin + Jeremy…

Kristin & Jeremy might be the cutest couple ever! I think I'm biased though, because anyone who jumps off a dock at the end of their engagement portrait is tops in my book! Seriously though, these two are adorable and sooo in love... inspiring. Kristin & Jeremy, thank you for being so much fun to work with, and thanks for bringing the Fam along, it was so good to see you all again!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Brigitte & Steve…

Congratulations to Brigitte & Steve!!! What an amazing day for these two gorgeous love birds; surrounded by friends and family as they said I Do at St. Elizabeth's Church in Edgartown before heading to the Harbor View Resort for a fabulous cocktail hour and reception overlooking the Edgartown Lighthouse. Did I mention the Trolley tour of Katama we got to take in between? It was all absolutely lovely and we got the photos to prove it! Check out this adorable pair...

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


The Dempsey Family…

It was so great to see the Dempsey Family again! We had a beautiful evening to romp around Owen Park and snag some great photos of the whole gang having fun. Thanks for being so adorable!!! I hope to see you all agian next summer on the beach!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen 


The Joiner Family…

It was so great to see the Joiner's again. This time sans pups and with their newest addition; aka "the CEO" which you will be able to see from her photos, she is indeed the boss! It takes one to know one, hahaha. It was a pleasure to photograph their family portrait on a beautiful morning on the cove. Thanks again you guys, and I hope to see you next year with the whole gang!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Fenton Family…

It was so great to see Abbey and Chris again and to finally meet their two adorable boys! You might remember Abbey and Chris from their Engagement Portrait and Wedding a few years back. For this fun family portrait we got to play in the cool waters at Lambert's Cove beach on a beautiful summer morning. Check out this adorable clan...

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Chloe + Chris…

Check out these two gorgeous love birds and their new furry baby! I LOVE Quansoo; the light, the breeze, the path to get there; everything about Quansoo creates a perfect backdrop for a beautiful and head over heels in love couple. It was such a pleasure to photograph Chloe and Chris for their Engagement Portrait and to capture their love with photographs for them to share for years to come! I can't wait for the Big Day!!!

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


The Mandel Family…

It was so great to meet up with this clan again at End of The World Park in Hingham Mass. It's been some years since I photographed Kate and Chris's Wedding, I was also lucky enough to photograph their beautiful baby Olivia last Summer and to see the whole family again was awesome and rare since they are international globe trotters! Thank you guys! I hope to see you all again the next time you are together!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The MacAllister Family...

One of my all time favorite families to photograph...The MacAllister's are back for another year! I was lucky enough to photograph Jenny and Ian's wedding a number of years ago and since have been able to witness and photograph not just their beautiful babes but also Jenny's Sister's babes and Wedding and friends families! It's so amazing to watch them all grow and shine. Thank you for another great summer session Jenny and Ian, I'll see you soon! 

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Boccaccio Family…

Another awesome family portrait! It is great meeting new families, especially families referred by one of my most favorite clients! The Boccaccio's and I had fun tromping around Edgartown's Light house beach and pond last week! Check out this adorable family...

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Doherty Family…

It was so great to see this clan again and meet their newest addition! We had fun running around a beautiful and private spot up on Lambert's Cove. I love watching couples from their wedding day and then as they turn into a family and then watching their families grow! It's the best part of what I do! Thanks for another fun shoot guys! I can't wait until next year!!!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


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