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Meet me in Facebook Sweetheart...

It's true, Kristen Leigh Conklin Photography is working the Facebook scene! We just started our little page last week and remarkably we already boast 72 fans. I think I might float away from all the love and support! This sweet photo, taken this past summer on west chop, is our profile pic...

 Come visit us if you'd like, there's two ways;

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"We're goin' to Jackson"...

As promised, though a little tardy, I have for you some photos of me, and just exactly what I've been up to outside of the studio. A mix of i-phone and cannon, a little story of what my man and I have found along the way up here in the White Mountains...

Cabin window atop North Double Head Mountain, elevation 3000ft.


The Lost Pond. You will find it on the Appalachian trail just south of Mount Washington.

View of Western Maine from the highest peak in Jackson

Vin and I atop Square Ledge, behind us to the right is Pinkham Notch Visitors center and the Tuckerman's Ravine Trail disappearing into the snowy abyss settled on Mt. Washington.

a little victory portrait after a 1500ft elevation gain in 1.7 miles. 

more to come soon!



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Earth to Kristen....

It has been waaaay too long since my last post; I promise to be better! A lot of new and exciting stuff has been happening here at the studio. Next week I will be blogging some of the past few months of experiences up here in the north country. But, I wanted you faithful and weary dedicated viewers to know that the reason for my tardiness and all out absence has been the intense amount of picking going on!

 I have been fervently "picking" out my new product line of albums, books, boxes and cards. As well as redesigning and creating a new look for this here blog. I am so excited about all of this; you can be sure that I will be sharing all of my new samples on the blog as soon as they are ready. For instance on this image I have decided to go with my signature as a watermark.  I know it's as bad as a doctors' signature, but it is part of who I am instead of just a type face. My photographs and my work breathe who I am so my watermark should as well. What do you think of it? also, COMING SOON a new logo. Special thanks for Freya and clan for the inspiration!



Erin & Jon...

My Last Wedding of the season; and what a way to end it!!! Erin's family has become like family to me over the years of weddings and families and babies. It took me some time to decide what images were my favorites, and there are so many I didn't post that I wanted too. So many photos from Erin and Jon's wedding mean so much to me. But, after much head scratching and a great glass of spanish wine, I finally decided! Erin and Jon, thank you so much for including me in your beautiful and intimate wedding. I hope to have the same great energy and intimate feeling at my own someday.

Erin & Jon...







happy friday!!!!!!!!!!

what a cutie pa-tutie!

:) Kristen



Can you believe she's not a professional! Good luck with the movie Hun.




Joseph & his peeps...

A little family fun down at the farm! Boogies and all...

As always, thank you!



Bianca & Clinton...

The details at this love bird wedding drove me insane; like Christmas morning at 5 years old, I ran around giddy all day. Not to mention the fantastic quality of light on such a gorgeous fall day, and the love just emanating from this pair! My eyes were aglow for the entire day. Did I mention Bianca had two pairs of shoes! That's a girl after my own heart! Check it out...

Thank you guys for being so much fun and allowing me to have a blast sharing your day with you!

Floral Design by Louise Sweet
Coordinated by The lovely Julie Hatt
Hosted by The Lambert's Cove Inn



Marian & Josh...

Awesome Day, Awesome Couple, Awesome Atmosphere; need I say more?
Marian and Josh...

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day!!!!

Coordinated by The Lovely Doris Clark

Music By  Sultans of Swing



Megan & Erik...

Megan & Erik are solid proof that you can have a beautiful wedding day September rain and all, thanks for being so awesome you two!

I'd also like to give a shout out to Megan, and all of her creative talent and friends, for making the details and wedding day so beautiful and unique!

Location The Chappy Beach Club

Coordinated by The lovely Julie Hatt

Hair Design by The talented Mary Bergeron

Floral Design by Louise Sweet

Catered by Michael Brisson

Custom Jewelry by Jen Townsend

Custom Paper Products by Suzy Yingling

Thanks! -Kristen


Sunny Side Up...

We are off to Florida on business, hoping to catch a few rays before Hibernation sets in! I will be back in the studio Monday 10-26. 
-jet set



It's that time of year again; the scent of concord grapes, macintosh apples and crisp foliage fill the air. Grace and I went apple picking this columbus day, just us sisters! The area where I grew up and Grace calls home is nick named "Apple Country" because of the countless rolling orchards around almost every bend. We had a blast slipping around on apples, feeding goats, and eating homemade donuts! Here is my favorite shot from the day...

love Grace & Kristen


shhhhh sneak peak...

Erin & Jon

more to come soon!





Bianca & Clinton

more to come soon!



Janet & Terrance...

"Autumn in New York", Frankie was right, it's the best time to be in the city. Janet and Terrance, are the sweetest couple, so much love between them and surrounding them, I just wanted to be near them all day!

Janet and Terrance

You guys are truly the best! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your fabulous day, Beth and I had a blast!




Marian & Josh

more to come soon!




Megan & Erik

More to come soon!



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