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Can you believe she's not a professional! Good luck with the movie Hun.




Joseph & his peeps...

A little family fun down at the farm! Boogies and all...

As always, thank you!



Bianca & Clinton...

The details at this love bird wedding drove me insane; like Christmas morning at 5 years old, I ran around giddy all day. Not to mention the fantastic quality of light on such a gorgeous fall day, and the love just emanating from this pair! My eyes were aglow for the entire day. Did I mention Bianca had two pairs of shoes! That's a girl after my own heart! Check it out...

Thank you guys for being so much fun and allowing me to have a blast sharing your day with you!

Floral Design by Louise Sweet
Coordinated by The lovely Julie Hatt
Hosted by The Lambert's Cove Inn



Marian & Josh...

Awesome Day, Awesome Couple, Awesome Atmosphere; need I say more?
Marian and Josh...

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your day!!!!

Coordinated by The Lovely Doris Clark

Music By  Sultans of Swing



Megan & Erik...

Megan & Erik are solid proof that you can have a beautiful wedding day September rain and all, thanks for being so awesome you two!

I'd also like to give a shout out to Megan, and all of her creative talent and friends, for making the details and wedding day so beautiful and unique!

Location The Chappy Beach Club

Coordinated by The lovely Julie Hatt

Hair Design by The talented Mary Bergeron

Floral Design by Louise Sweet

Catered by Michael Brisson

Custom Jewelry by Jen Townsend

Custom Paper Products by Suzy Yingling

Thanks! -Kristen


Sunny Side Up...

We are off to Florida on business, hoping to catch a few rays before Hibernation sets in! I will be back in the studio Monday 10-26. 
-jet set



It's that time of year again; the scent of concord grapes, macintosh apples and crisp foliage fill the air. Grace and I went apple picking this columbus day, just us sisters! The area where I grew up and Grace calls home is nick named "Apple Country" because of the countless rolling orchards around almost every bend. We had a blast slipping around on apples, feeding goats, and eating homemade donuts! Here is my favorite shot from the day...

love Grace & Kristen


shhhhh sneak peak...

Erin & Jon

more to come soon!





Bianca & Clinton

more to come soon!



Janet & Terrance...

"Autumn in New York", Frankie was right, it's the best time to be in the city. Janet and Terrance, are the sweetest couple, so much love between them and surrounding them, I just wanted to be near them all day!

Janet and Terrance

You guys are truly the best! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your fabulous day, Beth and I had a blast!




Marian & Josh

more to come soon!




Megan & Erik

More to come soon!



Check out my new Martha's Vineyard Online ad...


Tiffin & Mike...

I LOOOOOVE Captain Flanders in September!!! Vineyard beauty at it's best! Tiffin and Mike were amazing and so was the backdrop.

Tiffin and Mike...



Location: One of my favorite spots Captain Flanders Farm, Chilmark

Coordinated by: the lovely Julie Hatt

Flower design: Lynda Dandeneau

Big Sky Tents

Music by: Mike Benjamin

Tiffin and Mike, Thanks for giving me the time to really rock it!!! Hope you had a fantastic honeymoon!






Sarah & Jonathan...

September is the best light on the Vineyard! Crisp, warm and clear for Labor day weekend. These two love birds and I had a blast running around Edgartown for photos!

Thanks for introducing me to the secret path you two, you guys are awesome, I hope I get to photograph a family portrait not to far into the future. ;)

Sarah and Jonathan...



 Location: Daniel Fisher House

Music By: Sultans of Swing

Sarah and Jonathan, thank you for being so great, and allowing me to be a part of your sweet day!




"will somebody get me a glass of wine?!"


Tristan!!!! and of course his Mom and Dad

I was so excited to finally meet Tristan, what a sweetie! I photographed his mom and dad's wedding a few years ago here on the Island, the three of us became fast friends and have kept in touch over the years! Jenny and Ian, (Tristan's mom and dad,) are beautiful and so is their baby boy!

Take a look...

I love Tristan's expression in this one, it's like he knows what's going on back there, hehehe

The baby-hawk will never go out of style!

You guys are awesome, what a happy beautiful baby boy, Congratz! I can't wait to see you in the fall!



The Long Awaited... Sean & Katelyn

This post makes me sooo happy! My brother married his true love this June, I cried more the two days of the wedding than I think in my entire life, and I was happy! If I was like this for my big brother's wedding I'm going to be a basket case for the 3 younger sibs, sheesh. It was an amazing day and an amazing wedding, I have so many photos I don't know what to do with them all! Here are a few of my absolute favorites!

Katelyn and Seany...


My Brother Sean is an amazing musician, he can pick almost any instrument up and teach himself how to play beautiful music with it. At the wedding, after the toast and before the crazy dance party, Sean sat down in front of all of us and played a song he wrote for Katelyn, it was incredible! 

Katelyn's shoes were her something blue...
Kelley DeBettencourt took this sweet shoe shot after a pretty wild hale storm during the reception. 

We still managed to grab some great photos before the storm rolled through!

I love the way the sun plays through the trees


Love you guys!!!!!!!!!!




Portraits are my absolute favorite thing to shoot, It's so interesting to learn about my subjects while I work. These types of photographs tell a story about a person, (ask my friends I have a knack for storytelling). By looking at a portrait we learn about the subject of the photograph subjectively; in turn learning about ourselves.

Emily was awesome; open and willing to put her self and personality into the photograph! Some of us, me especially, can have trouble being ourselves in front of a camera, it's important to trust yourself when someone is photographing you, the photos will always come out better!


I see me! :)

Emily and her Mom, now we see where she gets her confidence!

Thanks Emily you rocked it!



Lisa and Rebecca...

They found Martha's Vineyard through Google Earth, genius! These two lovely ladies came to the Island for the first time ever and found me to shoot their engagement portrait, it was fate, and a lot of fog! 

the love birds...

little light house love

the fog offers such awesome quite moments
Thanks Ladies! More to come soon...


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