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Gabe 2017!!!

Another year and another wicked fun portrait shoot with Gabe and his family! We had to contend with quite a bit of fog rolling in, but luckily Nantucket has amazing backdrops even covered in clouds. Gabe & Wendy, thank you so much for another great portrait session, I'm so lucky to be your Photographer and Friend! I can't wait to see where we all end up next year!

See you guys next year!!!

xoxoxox, ♥Kristen


Light House Love Birds….

These two love birds are absolutely adorable and so in love. It was such a pleasure to photograph their engagement portrait. We lucked out and had a beautiful and unseasonably warm evening with perfect golden light. We had fun running around Edgartown and capturing some fantastic moments. Thank you guys for a great session I cannot wait until next fall!

xoxoxoxo ♥Kristen


Autumnal Love…

Here it is... the last wedding of the season and it was Gorgeous; intimate, wonderful, full of love and laughter, color and golden light, this wedding day was perfect. Sarah and Erik looked amazing and their love shines through every photograph. Thank you both so much for allowing me to capture such a special day for you, it was a great pleasure. I wish you nothing but happiness, love and light!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Mary & Jon!!!

Wow! Mary & Jon, what an amazing day! Your wedding was so wonderful and so close to what I would want for my own wedding; it was awesome! The details were so beautiful, the food and drink plentiful, the music was perfect, and you two love birds... the love and joy surrounding the two of you is inspiring. Thank you so much for choosing me to capture this wonderful day for you. I am one lucky Gal! 

xoxoxox♥ Kristen

Sailing Camp Family

What a great photo session I had with the Cooper's, they are just the sweetest little family! And OMG the cutest little sweetie pie ever, who could just not stop smiling, made my job a breeze! Thank you guys for being so awesome to work with! I hope to see you all again next Summer!!!

xoxoxoxo♥ Kristen


Chloe & Chris!!!

"I Do" Part Two



Congratulations Chloe & Chris!!!

Wow! What an amazing couple, incredible celebration and gorgeous day! So much love, so much light and positive energy, family and friends, sisterhood and brotherhood. I am so lucky to have been a witness to the joining of you two love birds, you both inspire me! Congratulations!!!! I cannot wait to photograph your anniversaries, family, babies one day! I had so much fun with this blog post that I picked waaaaay too many images to show. So what I've decided to do, for the first time EVER is present in two parts! Here we go... xoxoxo




xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


James is back & his Parents too!

It was so great to see this wonderful family again! This year we decided to run around Edgartown by the Lighthouse and we got some awesome shots! One of the best parts of being a photographer is having portrait sessions with families every year; watching James grow has been such a pleasure! I can't wait until next year!

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


The Chmielewski Family…

I had the pleasure of photographing these two Love birds and their beautiful daughter, Lauren, for their Wedding Anniversary! We had a wonderful portrait session with beautiful Sunshine. Lauren wasn't so sure how she felt about me and my camera but when Mom and Dad caught her attention her smile was brilliant! Thank you guys for being so sweet and great to work with, I hope to see you again next summer! 

xoxoxoxo ♥Kristen


The Finkelstein's

Meet the Finkelstein Family! They are not only beautiful but fun and charming as well! We had a blast forging over to the South Shore via boat and then running around on the beach to capture some great moments. Thank you guys for being so easy and fun to work with! I hope to see you again, along with your much bigger puppy, next year!

xoxoxo ♥Kristen


The Ouellet Family is back!

Yay! It was so great to see these guys again and take some shots of their ADORABLE son!!! You can see their last portrait session here when their baby boy was just a baby bump. It was a pleasure as usual to photograph this great gang! I hope to see you all again in another two years, or maybe even next summer...   ;)

xoxoxo ♥Kristen


The Studness Family…

I loved photographing the Studness Family, it reminded me so much of being a kid on the beach with my three brothers; it's just more fun when you have siblings to goof off with!We all had a blast running around South Beach, the boys even jumped in the water at the end! Thank you guys so much for a great Family Portrait! I hope to see you all again next year!!!

xoxoxoxo Kristen


The Callahan Family!

The Callahan family was so fun to work with. We all went down to the local beach by the OB Harbor; what a great place to photograph such a lovely family. And don't forget the Family Dog!!! I hope to see you all again next year!

xoxoxox ♥Kristen


The Joiner Family…

A little drizzle can't stop this sweet little family from having fun at the Beach. We had a great early morning family portrait session on Lambert's Cove. Marlow looooved the "wahwah". It was amazing, just like a little Mermaid! Thank you guys for another great portrait session! See you next year!


xoxoxoxo♥ Kristen 


The Dempsey Family…

It was so nice to see this beautiful family again under sunny skies. We had fun battling a pretty strong head wind and running around Menemsha; on the beach and the Jetty as well as Dutcher Dock and Squid Row of course. The best part was all of Little Jack's smiles and his big sisters help to get those smiles to come out! Thank you guys for a wonderful portrait session. I hope to see you again next Summer!

xoxoxo ♥Kristen

The Dunphy Family

Check out this little cutie and her family. The Dunphy Clan was a blast to work with. We ran all around Light House Beach and all around the lighthouse, several times! Hahah. Thank you guys for a great portrait session; you were awesome!!!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


She said Yes!

I had the pleasure of witnessing and photographing the engagement of these two love birds! I love engagement portraits and it's not often I get to photograph the actual engagement itself, it was awesome and exctiting. These two are the sweetest couple and so in love. Thank you both so much for allowing me to be a part of such an incredible moment!

xoxoxo ♥Kristen


Vineyard Haven Family Fun…

We had a blast with the Tatro's and their extended family at Owen Park in Vineyard Haven. It was a beautiful Sunny Summer day with lots of smiles and fun with Cousins. Thank you guys for being so great and easy to work with! I hope to see you all again next year!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Jack, Ella, Pearl, Mom & Dad…

Another great family portrait with this sweet little clan! Normally it's tough to get a great shot, where everyone is smiling, of any young family let alone a family of five. That's not the case with this bunch of smiling faces however! We had a great time trompsing around the yard on a beautiful Sunny Summer morning. Thank you Ella and Jack for being wonderful assistants when I needed help getting Pearl to smile. I can't wait until next Summer to see how much you all have grown and have another fun Summer morning together!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Edgartown Love Birds!

I hope to have the pleasure of photographing the Wedding of these two love birds next year here on the Island. They were such a great couple to work with; the love between them was so apparent it made my job a snap. Even their little pup smiled for the camera! Thanks you three!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen