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Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

American Gothic II...Vineyard Style  

Enjoy the day, enjoy your families, and remember how lucky we are!




A beautiful woman in a beautiful place. Nevette, and I are embarking on a 4 month photo journey of her body and our landscapes changes as her and her husband's baby grows. Stay tuned for our next entry!

Thanks Nevette!!! Can't wait for the next shoot!!!





Lynsey & Jay 

Spring is here and love is in the air. These two love birds were such a joy to hangout with on Sunday. Totally Silly and totally in love makes for some incredibly fun, sweet and refreshingly romantic photographs! Thanks for being such a great couple and letting me boss you around for the afternoon. I hope you had as much fun as me! 

Here's my favorite...

I love happy accidents, who knew pulling a bag on the beach would make for such a sweet backdrop.

love birds in flight 

Did I mention that you two are a great couple, I can't wait for the wedding!!!!! See you soon,


P.S. I just decided that I'm starting something new today.... I looove music; it inspires me, it calms me, and it pumps me up all at the same time!

Today is the first day of post music for turn my camera on. Get into my head, and listen to what I'm listening to while bringing these photos to life.

  So, with no further ado, my song for Lynsey and Jay's love bird post...

a dreamy love bird duet by "the bird and the bee"


three little stars = one big photo!!!



Hurry... deadline for contacting me to let me know you've earned your 3 stars is May 24th at Midnight!




Happy Mothers Day!!!

 Kristen & Vinnie


NYC part deux, and a baby soon too...

Cristi and David, you both have such joy and light around you. I can only imagine the happiness surrounding this new little light in your lives.

I wish you so much love and health!


I can't wait to meet this beautiful little baby!





The shyest most gigantic girl I've ever met. What a doll!



NYC Baby!

Desiree, Tom, Gigi, and Max are quite the team! I love you guys!!! Vin and I had a blast running around Brooklyn Heights photographing this happy family. It was great to be back in my old stomping grounds for the weekend. It's never long enough when your visiting the Big Apple. Thanks for being so fun to work with and letting me boss you guys around for the evening!!!


So great to see you both, and your fabulous safari shots!Can't wait for our next Margarita party! Smiley




Amy & Paul...

April showers bring may flowers and life back to Martha's Vineyard! My first Vineyard Wedding of the season was Saturday evening. Surrounded by inspiring food, great friends and a plethora of wonderful musicians, Amy and Paul's celebration was a sure fire blast! Even though the newlyweds where hitched back in America this winter, they couldn't pass up throwing a swinging local party up at the Chilmark Community Center. Thank you so much for including me in such a great night!



favorite + icon = favicon...

 I spy, with my green eyes, a little favicon just for me.

Three hearts for balance, three hearts for joy, three hearts for love...

just look up, way up, above ↑

hope you enjoy them, all my love 




Happy Birthday Pie Face!!!

Every year for his Birthday Matty, "the pied face killer" Conklin, gets a big 'ol bag of Cosmic Catnip. He reaaaaally enjoys it! Maybe a little too muchSmileyMatthew spent his formidable years in college soo who can blame him? Here he is, my little pook, Matty turns 9 this year. Happy Birthday Pie! 

Happy 420!!! ♥ Kristen


friends of the furry variety...

This past weekend Vin and I spent a few quiet days up on Indian Hill in West Tisbury, MA. Amongst the scrub oaks and tall pines, in a cozy cabin filled with music, art and a warm wood stove, live Chopper and Meow, two very nice and new great friends!

meet Coquette Cat... 

This is what happens when you ask a smart dog to smile... 


♡ "Auntie" Kris


drum roll please, introducing...

◌◌◌ The Foxy Folio ◌◌◌

A flirt of an album, with 40 gorgeous pages, this art magazine captures your day portfolio style. The Foxy Folio stands at 8.5x11; big enough to swoon over with friends and petit enough to fit in your purse!

The custom 'folio is designed to illustrate the beauty and capture the emotions that surround your amazing day!

Foxy is printed on 100% FSC-certified paper, which means it’s from responsibly managed forests and verified recycled sources. The paper is 50% recycled, just enough to do our part and still have a quality photo paper to print on! 

The Magazine feels wonderful in your hands with a semi-matte/semi-gloss finish that helps each photo really sing.

Foxy's pages are perfectly weighted to feel less like an art magazine and more like an art portfolio.

As you can see above on Foxy's sample cover, we have: The Title, the sample year, the name of the bride and groom, and the name of the album.  For our custom Folio's, aka your Foxy Folio, the title may be customized to read whatever you'd like. The sample text will read your wedding date. The names will read your names of course, and may include your last names too!

The Foxy Folio boasts a crisp design style, and luscious printing. 

The Foxy Folio is offered in most 2010-11 packages, and may always be purchased a la carte. I'm in love with our Foxy Folio! Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

 ♡ kristen 


brand spankin' new...

Business cards! WOOOOPEEEEE! Check 'em out everybody...

 Here's the purdy front, look familiar...

...and of course the sweet 411 on it's backside...





Grace Choxi Conklin...

Portraiture, by far, is my love when it comes to photographic style. When I "shoot" I am shooting a portrait. It doesn't matter the subject; it could be a leaf, a mountain, my cat, a friend, or a couple of love birds, whatever I am photographing I compose my shot with the impressions this subject is having and has had on me.

Grace, my youngest sibling and only sister, is one of my all time favorite subjects. To me, Grace embodies so many impressions; the air of a soul so traveled and learned, yet so fresh and playful.

The greatest thing about photographing children is that they could care less about what they act like in front of the camera or you. This freedom of behavior allows me to really explore a person's personality and to capture images of truth and pure personality. With couples and adults I have to direct them into somewhat of a distraction to achieve a truthful moment; when a couple gets lost within each other. When photographing a child, I find I am just recording someone who is captivated by life and there own perceptions. I'm sure any parent will attest, it is this truthfulness that makes children so amazing, besides everything else of course. They are brutally honest and remarkably free.

I have had the awesome pleasure of spending the last two weekends with Gracie.  I have followed her, and lead her around, with my camera, some chocolate, and a grin from ear to ear!

A portrait of Grace...

"Hi Ya"

Bucket head, Diddle diddle dumpling, and Big Brother's help...


Waking up

coy trouble...

lens to lens


 most awesome grunge chic, (wearing her big brother's t-shirt after a dunk in the lake).





Just a few family photos from yesterday, and what a glorious day it was!


Hope you enjoyed your family as much as I did!



Just for fun...

Have you noticed something new? 

letter T U IMG_5701_2 typewriter key letter N                IMG_5591_2 typewriter key letter Y

      letter C metal type letter A M IMG_5572 R Graffito A (Boston, MA)   IMG_5624_3 letter N    

 is growing up... she's changing her looks! Check back for a new header soon...

♡ kristen


Brides Boston Magazine is...


We are very excited, I think "over the moon" about does it. 

The Spring/Summer edition Of Brides Boston is beautiful, as always, with tons of must know tips and creative ideas for your wedding.

I personally love the creative inspiration piece about drawing color and design ideas from your favorite childrens books, STYLE REVIEW pg.53

Go grab a copy and check it out; we're on Pg. 120  

We also managed to make the contents section, but you'll have to snag the magazine to see that one.

Special thanks go to The Lovely Couple, Annabel & Eben; without whom this would not have been possible!

Also, thanks to Patrie Grace, an amazing wedding planner, for making sure the whole day went off without a hitch...

...except Annabel and Eben gettin' hitched of course.

For a closer look at these two love birds, and Patrie's handy work, check out their venue gallery!



May the sun shine warm upon you...

I wish you happiness shared with those you love on this most beautiful Saint Patrick's Day. That you may come to know what it is to share from your heart alone; a lesson I am still learning everyday, a lesson taught to my family by my dearest of soul mates Thomas James Conklin. A father to everyone that he knew, a teacher of love and grace, and a lover of life and true love. Happy Saint Patrick's Day Grandpa you are dearly missed and joyfully remembered...


May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

all of my love



Meet me in Facebook Sweetheart...

It's true, Kristen Leigh Conklin Photography is working the Facebook scene! We just started our little page last week and remarkably we already boast 72 fans. I think I might float away from all the love and support! This sweet photo, taken this past summer on west chop, is our profile pic...

 Come visit us if you'd like, there's two ways;

you can click on our facebook link under socialite central

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