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Picnic's Rock!

I had some amazing family fun the other day with a great old friend and her chillins'! Ocean park was no match for Nolan and Wyatt her two beautiful boys! Next time Daddy will have to be in the photos too! It was so great because Jessamyn, aka momster, and I hadn't seen each other for years, we chatted up a storm like we had been hanging out all along. Amazing how friends can be so much like family! Check out this dynamic trio...

Thank for coming over you guys!!! It was so nice to see you!

♡ Kristen ♡



When you feel like this all week Friday evening is soooo nice! 

A long yawn and a glass of wine please...

 ♥ Love, Kristen & her trusty cat; Matty the Pied Face Killer ♥


Andrew, Kate, Coco, and Libby...

The Herz Family and I had an awesome time playing at Long Point Beach last week! What a great spot; boardwalks, ponds, the ocean, dune grass, can't ask for much more in a location! Coco and Libby helped me get some great shots of mom and dad, and the whole family too. Thanks for being such a fun family to work with you guys!!

You four are quite the team! 

♡ Kristen ♡


Amanda & Jarrett...

What a great couple with so much love between them! They really know how to get lost within each other. We had phenominal weather, a fantastic location to shoot in, and awesome people surrounding us! Who could ask for a better day!

Thank you guys both so much for letting me be a part of your day!!!

♥ Kristen ♥




Nevette and I have accomplished three shoots thus far over the past 2 months. The transformation is awesome, here below in sequential order is a tryptich of the three shoots...

Here is Nevette at her first shoot...

First and third, just amazing isn't it!

A beauty mama to be!

I love this one...

2nd shoot...


Only one more shoot to go before the baby comes!!! Mommy AND Daddy are going to be in that one so stay tuned!

♡ Kristen ♡


Carrie & Matthew...

Carrie and Matt are not just an amazing couple and soooo much in love, but also happen to be great friends of mine and my brother Sean. I've known Carrie since the girl scouts and 4-h years. Im so glad she's found her soul mate! These two are so in love it was hard not to have my entire blog post be one awesome kiss after another!!! Check out these two love birds...

Congratulations you two!!!! And, thank you soooooo much for letting me be a part of such a great day!!! I had a blast!

♥ Kristen ♥


Heather & Paul...

Last Friday we had a blast strolling the back streets of downtown Edgartown, the weather, the light, and the love was perfect! The houses and little paths are so cool right off main. Of course we couldn't pass up the lighthouse and dunes either! These two love birds are getting hitched next spring, check them out!

Heather & Paul...

Thanks for being so awesome you two! I can't wait till next year!!!

♡ Kristen ♡


Lynsey & Jay ...

What a stellar Wedding we had on Saturday. Everyone was there, the best of the best! Patrie Grace, Jamie Hamlin, Lynda Dandeneau, Cakes by Liz, two of the sweetest love birds ever, my amazing assistant Chrissy, what a pleasure! And man, location, location, location, really, I couldn't have dreamed up a better ticket! I am a lucky girl, but Lynsey and Jay are even luckier; these two are true soul mates through and through. You've seen their engagement portrait, and heard there sweet song, now get a load of this!  

Lynsey and Jay, in keeping with tradition I thought you might like this ...Smiley

The Happy Couple...

Lynda Dandeneau, as always, is a true artist with flowers!

You're looking straight up the East Coast's oldest bowling alley... at two of the sweetest love birds. Oh, and check out the sandcastle! Liz never ceases to amaze me with her cakes!

love, love, love...

While I was engulfed in the love going on in the photograph above, Chrissy, my trusty wedding sidekick, snapped this AMAZING shot (below left), so nice!

I am really loving this shot, I mean REALLY LOVING IT!

Wow, Thanks you two for an amazing day and allowing me to share it with you! I am truly blessed. Congratulations! And have fun with no technology this week!!!

♥ Kristen ♥



I Love shooting Senior portraits! The subjects are so full of life and fun, they always make me smile! Madison and I had a blast shooting around Edgartown beach during sunset last night, she made my job sooo easy! What a gorgeous girl! Madison is the in the middle of three girls so I made sure that Dad got some love during our shoot, it's gotta be tough being the only guy around!!! Thanks for being so awesome and beautiful Madison! 

♡ Kristen


Style Me Pretty + Kristen Leigh Conklin...

drum roll please...

Style Me Pretty, the premier wedding website for the hip and creatively inclined bride, has invited Kristen Leigh Conklin Photography to be one of their select few exceptional wedding vendors!!!


I am now an official VIP of the wedding world! Check out this awesome badge! All of the selected vendors are listed in Style Me Pretty's "Little Black Book". looking for a great florist, caterer, band, etc. You will find them here for sure!  

To boast this badge is an honor! Style Me Pretty is so exclusive they only invite a few vendors in each area ( our's is Cape & Islands) every year. Once you've been invited an interview process ensues to ensure the quality of the vendor! Only 6 Photographers from the Cape and Islands are currently little black book members at Style Me Pretty! 

Click here to check out my Style Me Pretty Profile!

♡ Kristen ♡



Mari & Paul...

     July 3rd, what an amazing day, and what an amazing couple I had the pleasure to get to know and photograph! Mari and Paul fit right in with their awesome and creative personalities, I can only hope to spread the kind of compassion and warmth that Mari and Paul have surrounding them! Not only are they the sweetest of love birds but also artists and humanitarians! On a kitsch note... I LOVE details, and so does Mari, we knew from the start that this was a creative match made in heaven! Martha Stewart eat your heart out! Hehehe. Seriously, Mari hand made most of the decor and it was all gorgeous! Have a look...


Did I mention these two are joining the peace corps! Amazing, really you two are amazing! 

♥ Kristen ♥


The Improper Bostonian...

Here it is...

Our Full Page Editorial Portrait in Boston's Best Social Magazine!


♡ Kristen



Kristen & Chris...

These two love birds were hotter than the weather for each other on Saturday! From West Tis. To Farm Neck and everywhere in between they kissed. It was a very happy and beautiful day for everyone involved. We had some laughs over our names too; my lovely assistant on this most jovial day just happened to be named Chrissy, and I go by Kristen or Kris. Needless to say there were some giggles and head turns! We had a blast and it shows...

Thank you both so much for including us in such a spectacular day in your lives! Congratulations and have fun!!!!

♥ Kristen ♥



Krishana, is a local grower of lushious greens and beautiful flowers down on Whipoorwhill farm in West Tis. Her self and her dedication to her work are featured in the cape and Islands addition of Improper Bostonian, on news stands now. Here's our shoot on the matter...


Go grab a copy and learn about this wonderful person and her amazing green thumb!

♥ Kristen


happy friday!!!!!!!!!!

♥ Kristen ♥



♥ kristen ♥


Karen & John...

A fantastically Nautical Wedding, from the Harborview to the Boathouse and everywhere in between. What's a better nautical locale than Edgartown? Karen and John even had John's boutonniere made from a real fly here at coops bait and tackle. Karen and John were a blast to photograph, and sooo in love! It was easy as pie to grab these awesome shots!

love is our lifeboat...

Blue Hour on the Harbor...

Thank you so much for letting me be part of such a wonderful day in your lives! I really enjoyed it!



Kate & Alex

Two Love Birds that know how to have fun at the beach!!! Kate and Alex were a blast to work with, we went up and down Lambert's Cove Beach and State road searching out fabulous backdrops! When my subjects are willing to try anything and have fun the photos and our experiences are always amazing! I have been so blessed to work with only awesome and willing couples this year! Thanks so much for being so sweet. You two rock!

Can't wait for your Wedding!!!

♥ Kristen ♥


Abby & Chris

It's great to be able to sneak on to "private beaches", Abby, Chris and I managed to get onto Quansoo the other day. The weather was crazy; from thick fog to bright sun and back again. I love that kind of weather; it's just pure vineyard! Abby and Chris brought there pups along too, which was so fun! If they are part of your little family they should always be part of your shoot! Thanks for muck walking with me!!! Can't wait for the big day!

 ♥ Kristen ♥


Jennifer & Miguel

I see trees of green, red roses too, I see them bloom for me and you, and I think to myself what a wonderful world! I love this time of year, and what it brings; flowers, fresh air, and love birds everywhere!

Jennifer and Miguel, too of the sweetest love birds I know. Congratulations you guys! What a wonderful world...

yes, it's true, I looooooove shoes!

Lilly, the love bird's little chickadee...

Thank you so much for sharing your amazing and intimate family day with me!