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Running for Cause...

 John Reuben, the founder of STICC;

Saving Teens In Crisis Collaborative,

runs the NYC Marathon to raise money for his charitable organization. 

John has raised $23,000 towards his goal of $40,000 for STICC; 
only $17,000 to go!  
Your contribution ---no matter the size-- will help save a family in crisis. 
Together we can save lives!
To hear more about STICC and their cause please visit:

Having trouble loading the video? Watch it on You tube! 

♡ Kristen ♡


NYC Marathon, running for a cause...

I had the awesome opportunity to cheer on over 40,000 strangers, and one great friend, while they ran the New York City Marathon this weekend. The camaraderie and excitement among perfect strangers was something I have never witnessed before, what an intense warmth and pride you feel when compassion surrounds you in a city like New York!

My friend John Rueben ran the 2010 NYC Marathon for a courageous non-profit organization called STICC; Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative. Despite a severe leg injury John suffered, only 10 days before the Marathon, he still embarked on the 26.2 mile race and finished! We are so proud of John and excited for STICC! John raised over 20,000 by race day and has high hopes for the next week to raise enough to reach his goal of 40,000.

John trained 17 rigorous weeks for the marathon, and was running 22 miles in a clip before his injury. When John fell and injured his leg he couldn't help but think of his son Michael; Michael was John's inspiration for starting STICC.  Michael would not give up during his fight and neither would John. Determined to still run the Marathon John went to the best sports medicine doctors in Boston, who also happened to be runners themselves, when he got the green light from them their was no stopping him! There were no promises as to how his leg would fare but we all hoped for the best and pushed forward. On John's final training day run ( two days before his injury) John was averaging at 9.13 minutes for 22 consecutive miles, this would put him at 4 hours for completing the 26.2 mile race.

Excited and ready on race day we cheered and waited as we expected him to fly by us in the first corral of runners. We waited.  John's leg gave out on his first 100 yards of the race. He physically could not run. Overcoming his pain and disappointment John did not stop, not once. He finished the entire marathon by Jogging and walking. When asked why he was running even though he could be causing irreparable damage to his leg he said this; "Those kids we are helping, they don't get a doctors note, they struggle through adversity everyday, they can't give up".  John ran the race in just under 6 and a half hours averaging 15minutes per mile his son Michael would be immensely proud as are all of we.

Words can not express my pride over your accomplishment John! We love you man!

John smiling at 25 miles in...

The marathon runner and his cheering gang (minus our awesome photo snapper Vin)

John with his proud youngest son Max

Gracious Johnny...

Please click here if you'd like to see more photos of the race day.

and STAY TUNED... for our video of John and the Marathon!

♥ Kristen ♥





Betsy & Tim...

Wow, what an amazing wedding! The colors and style was so fresh and exotic, I am in love with Betsy's color palate. The Day was gorgeous, the bride and groom where gorgeous, and love was in the air! Just when you thought the night was coming to an end Betsy changed into her saree and the party exploded into a dancing fest, it was awesome! Betsy and Tim thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day.

I can't wait to come down and visit your restaurant!   xoxo

 ♥ Kristen ♥


Abby & Chris...

You might remember these two love birds from their engagement session... last weekend they left the dogs at home and got hitched in style! Abby has such amazing taste, she inspires a modern vintage chic, and what a perfect setting for such a romantic vision; the Keith farm in Chilmark. The feeling of the day inspired me to try-out some of my new appliques in post, let me know what you think...

 Thank you so much Abby & Chris, I hope you are enjoying your escape from technology!  

♡ Kristen ♡


well wed... well yes!

The brand spankin' new Well Wed just hit magazine racks and Kristen Leigh Conklin Photography is all over it!

Look for us in...

• a real wedding on page 77, Congratz Tiffin & Mike!

• an unveiled feature on page 83, Congratz Julie Hatt!

• a floral editorial with Lynda Dandeneau on pages 138-141, you rock Lynda!

• and... the "Style File" page 159! Phew, pretty sexy stuff in this edition of Well Wed!  Smiley

I've circled our pics in the wedding album (page 42)

Oh yeah, and did we mention...



♡ Kristen


Katie & Chris...

Another absolutely gorgeous vineyard autumn day!!! This wedding was fabulous; so rich with tradition and family, what a great day! I am so blessed to be able to be a part of such amazing events. Kate and Chris you guys are awesome and I'm so happy for you and your love! I can't wait for our portrait session!!! Check out these beautiful love birds...


Thank you guys, you two are so sweet together!

♥ Kristen ♥



Alan & Steven...

Every once in a while I have a wedding shoot that makes me feel like the first time I ever took a photograph. Photographing Alan and Steven was an amazing shoot for me, I was like a little girl playing around, it was awesome! After shooting an intimate ceremony with just the two of them, and their JP, we had an entire hour to just play around in Aquinnah! These two love birds are so charismatic and fun, I couldn't get enough; as you can tell from the GIANT post of photos! Alan and Steven; I'm so glad our paths crossed, it was wonderful working with you both!

Thank you guys! You two are awesome!

♡ Kristen ♡



Kirsten & Ebany...

Where do I start? Kirsten is amazing and also happens to be one of my favorite people in the whole world. I love Kir, she and I met a decade ago in college, Crazy!  And then there's Ebany, the more I know, the more I love about him! I was honored to be a part of their wedding and I even had the pleasure of capturing these few moments in between my duties as bridesmaid, toast giver, and of course best friend! Thank you Kir and Ebany for loving each other so much!!!!!


Love you guys!!!

♥ Kristen ♥




It ain't easy being almost 4, but Gabe seems to have it all figured out. It doesn't hurt that he has one of the greatest mom's ever, and two pretty awesome grandma's too! Check out this little man...

Thanks for being so patient, and such a good sport, Gabe! I hope you have a wondrous fourth birthday!!!

 ♡ Kristen


Jody & Matt...

"What we have in our hearts is who we are, and who we are is our gift to the world"...  What an amazing pair Jody and Matt are, and the family who surround them just glow with love! The light surrounding us on Saturday was the same light that was shining throughout the people who watched as jody and matt said "I do". Everything was perfect. Bravo Jody and Matt for finding your perfect match and creating a perfect day to celebrate it!

Congratulations you two!!!

♡ Kristen ♡


Murph, what a dog...

There are times in your life when you meet someone and you know that you have been through so many things together, moments and lives in time that you cannot recall but remember in your heart. Old souls, we call them;  a life time of wisdom within a child's glance, a moment of bravery or moral that has never been taught, someone you respect immediately. Meet Murphy; the greatest dog ever, when I met him I knew; we've been friends before... Here he is; the dog, the soul, murph himself; what a dog!

I Love You Man!

♥ Kristen ♥ 


Baby love, my baby love...

Earl's a gonner' and we're back with more beauty baby photos of Penelope! Check out this cutie pie!

Love you guys! ♡ Kristen


Just A Tease...

Hiya, I photographed an amazing new family yesterday! Cristi, David, and Penelope. it's no surprise that their new baby girl is gorgeous, as are they! Look at that hair too, I love it! I only had time to post one photo, Earl is steadily making his way towards the Island and we have to stay put as of 2pm today; soooo, the studio is getting shut down and hurricane ready. Stay tuned though... more Baby bouffant to come on Tuesday!!!

♥ Kristen ♥


Kate & Alex...

From Love birds to hitched in one fine summer! These two have been busy bee's, and it showed, their wedding was beautiful; every detail was perfect. Kate and Alex you look amazing! Congratulations again!!! I'm so glad I was able to be a part of such an amazing day! 

♡ Kristen ♡



Maryellen & Jay...

I love exploring new places! Thanks to these two love birds I had a chance to see Plum Island, what a sweet and friendly little Island. Maryellen and Jay were just as sweet and carefree. it's so nice to see a couple really relax and enjoy their wedding, good job you two!The photos say it all; these two are head over heels in love with each other!  Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful and special day! Congratulations!!! 

♥ Kristen ♥


Nevette & Johnny G...

We made it! Month number 9 and only a few more weeks before baby arrives on the scene! Dad's in these shots too! Johnny and Nevette, you two are amazing, I can't wait to meet the little gentleman that's about to rule your world!

I love you guys!!!

Next time we meet for a shoot the little guy will be here!!! YAY,  I'm sooo excited!!!

P.S. Nevette, I can only hope I look as amazing as you when I'm waiting for my little one to come!

♥ Kristen ♥

This was Nevette's final post in the amazing "mommy to be" series, to see her last 2 posts click below!

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The Joy Family...

What a wonderful way to start the morning, a beautiful sunrise and a loving family, on the beach no less! The whole team was there and their name doesn't lie; a joyous time was had by all! Thank you for being such a great bunch and so easy to photograph so early in the morning.  Just look at this gorgeous light though; this is why we got up so early..

I looove this shot, aren't these girls absolutely adorable!

hehe, I had to put this one in, these are some serious ladies!

Thank you for a beautiful morning!

♡ Kristen ♡


Ramona & Juan...

What a pair! These two adorable love birds got hitched last week with only their closest family and friends, I was honored to be there to capture these amazing and intimate moments!

Ramona & Juan...

What an awesome couple!

♡ Kristen ♡


cute as pie!

I'm sorry, but I just have to post these images of two of my love bunnies! I couldn't live without these two in my life! Vin, my main man, and Gracie, my lil' sister. I LOVE THEM!!!!!

Seriously, what's cuter than these two? 

♡ Kristen ♡


Betsy & Tim...

We were on tour for this shoot; I followed this happy couple from one end of the island to the other with a few stops in between! It was fantastic. I felt las if Betsy, Tim and I had been friends for a long time by the end of the day. We ended our journey on the docks of Menemsha, just in time for sunset. Betsy even braved the Jedi despite the fact that it was a major "hazard", hehehe. Check out this awesome pair...

I had such a blast with you two love birds!!! I can't wait for the wedding!!!!

♡ Kristen ♡