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Megan + Nick...

Love, love, loooooove birds galore! Morning light is so amazing, The way the sun glows and fills in every space is so peaceful and calming. I love early morning shoots and Megan and Nick humored me and met me for an "early love bird shoot" last Saturday. These two are the sweetest thing! Check it out...


Megan & Nick; thanks for being so fun to work with! I hope to see you both soon!

♡ Kristen ♡



Dana + Seth...

Menemsha is so spectacular at sunset! Dana and Seth were also just spectacular to work with, so cute together and relaxed and in loooove!  When it all works out perfectly; the perfect weather and surroundings, the perfect pair of love birds, the perfect amount of love and fun... this is what happens....

Dana and Seth, thanks for being such an awesome pair of love birds!!! 

♥ Kristen♥



Well Wed & VT Vows Love KLC!!!

Thanks Vermont Vows and the Gals at Well Wed! We ♥ you too! 

♥ Kristen ♥


We are Family!!!

The Barone Family and I had a blast early last wednesday morning running around by the Edgartown lLghthouse and beach! Sand between our toes the cool water on our legs, early morning sun warming our shoulders; what could be better? I couldn't ask for cuter subjects than Sophia and Jules, and Mom and dad are pretty cute too!Check out this sweet family of four...

The Barone Family

Mom and Sophia with their toes in the sand...

There's no messin' with the Barone girls! They are some tough cookies...


Thank you Sue, Jason, Sophie and Jules, you are an awesome family!!!

♥ Kristen ♥


Rising Tide...

It's amazing to me how many people decide to dedicate their time and energy to helping others live happier and healthier lives. I believe within us all their is this ember burning to do such selfless things. When we feed that ember, and stoke the fire within us, our lives, as well as the lives of those close to us, become richer and transcendental. We all have opportunities in our lives to step forward and act on what we know to be right and what we feel to connect us further with our communities and our world. Some of us will lead efforts and some of us will support those leaders. In my life thus far I try as best I can to be a supporter. Eventually I hope to be a leader of a great cause but for now I will offer my profession to help other leaders succeed.

Today I have fallen in love with an amazing program called Rising Tide.

Rising Tide is a Therapeutic Equestrian Center here on the Vineyard. There goal is to help children and adults with physical, emotional and learning disabilities to improve the quality of their lives through their interactions with horses. If you have a moment please watch their amazing video "Arising".



Arising from Adrianne Ryan on Vimeo.

Tonight Rising Tide is having a fundraising event at the Cagney Estate in Chilmark.

Their hope is that during this fun cocktail party and silent auction they will raise money to put towards a winter facility. At the moment Rising Tide can only operate in the warmer summer months. They need a dedicated facility to continue their great work through-out the year. As we all know, such selfless work is even more needed in the winter months.

For more information on tonights event or on how you can help such a glorious cause please visit the Rising Tide site by clicking their logo below.

As always thank you for your time and love!


♥ Kristen ♥



Congratulations Lindsay & David!!!

Love is an amazing energy; it can be wondrous and amazing, devastating and enlightening. Love is it's own and everything all at once. I was lucky enough to photograph a wedding Saturday that embodied so much more of love than weddings usually can. Lindsay and David have an amazing kind of love; one that's been tried and stood true.  I'm so glad that I was able to witness the joining together of these two people and their great love for each other and their families. Lindsay and David; it was such a pleasure to be a part of such an amazing day. Thank you.



May the joy of living for one another continue to trip a smile from your lips and a twinkle from your eyes.

♥ Kristen ♥


Congratulations Nicki & Chris!!!!

Last Saturday we had quite the stormy weather here on the Island. Up in Menemsha the skies threatened thunder and lightning while Nicki prepared to walk the aisle and marry her true love Chris. The clouds rumbled in as the guests sat and the wedding party gathered. Warm light held the skies up while these two love birds whispered their vows and embraced in their first married kiss. Just as Nicki and Chris walked down the aisle, as husband and wife, the first droplets began to fall. Mother nature gave us just enough windows to get the wonderous photos below. And believe me I mean just enough, for the rest of the evening the skies opened and it poured down rain for hours!

I always tell brides that even in the rain we get spectacular photos; that as long as you are willing to play in the rain we will work around mother nature and find our windows of time.  Here is the proof...

 Nicki and Chris, thank you for being such an amazing couple and playing with me in the rain! Congratulations!!!

♥ Kristen ♥



We got a little Love from Beantown Bride today! This makes me very happy because I grew up hanging out in Bean town! Mari & Paul from almost a year ago; which reminds me... Happy Anniversary you two sweet Love birds!!!! As I was saying; Mari & Paul from last July 3rd are looking hot on the BeanTown Blog! Congrats Mari & Paul! THANK YOU BEANTOWN BRIDE!



♡ Kristen ♡


Kate + Chris part duex...

Last summer I had the pleasure of photographing Kate and Chris's wedding out in Katama. Their wedding was glorious and very unique. This spring I had the pleasure of photographing them again, back in their wedding attire, with an additional member of the family. We had a blast running up and down Lambert's Cove Beach first thing in the morning. Although, some of us were a little afraid of the water, hehehe.

Kate and Chris, thank you for coming back for another shoot. You guys are awesome. it's wonderful to see you are still giddy in Love!


♡ Kristen ♡


Diana + Sean...

It was great meeting these two love birds last week in Edgartown for a fun engagement shoot. Engagements are my favorite type of portrait shoot because they capture you; how you are everyday. Plus it gives us a chance to really get to know each other, and feel comfortable together, before "The Big Day". Speaking of Big Days... I can't wait to photograph Diana and Sean on their's!

Thanks for being an awesome couple and letting me boss you around for an hour! Smiley

Love, Love, Love!

♡ Kristen ♡


Congratulations Jessica & Geoff!!!

One of my favorite places on the Island is the Allen Farm. In the spring you can drive over the crest of the hill and all of the Lambs in the pasture near the road will run along with your car. Jessica and Geoff were lucky enough to have their wedding in this magical Island paradise. On this quiet Spring Day fog swept over the rolling landscape blanketing the two love birds in hopeless romance. Jessica and Geoff; you two are an inspiration of happiness and love, congratulations on your magical wedding...

Thank you for making me smile all day long! You are an amazing couple!

♥ Kristen ♥


Congratulations Heather & Paul!!!

What an amazing couple, what a gorgeous day...  We kicked off the season in style here on the Vineyard! Heather and Paul, you too are so nice and such love birds, I was honored to be a part of such a terrific celebration!

Just stunning....

A wonderful flower girl helped me to capture this photo...

Penny Lane...

Erik, my fabulous second caught this awesome shot below of Heather and Paul's church exit...

My first time in the water this year, and so worth it! P.S. there were no bridal guests harmed in the making of this photograph.


Love Love Love,

Thank you so much, we had an amazing day capturing your Love and those surrounding you!

Congratulations Heather and Paul, we wish you only the best!

♥ Kristen ♥





The Big Easy...

"Where Yat?" the locals ask...

"New Orleans" when spoken into any conversation conjures up thoughts of lazy days, endless nights and mottos for the way life ought to be; "Be nice or leave" and "Laissez les bons temps rouler" or loosely; let the good times roll. Of course a city as diverse in culture as architecture would boast so many names as The Crescent City, NOLA, the Big Easy, Nawlin's, and my personal favorite: The City that Care Forgot.  

...Out in New Orleans, the land of dreams 

 You'll never know how nice it seems 

 Or just how much it really means

 And I'd rather be, yes-sir-ee 

 New Orleans the land of dreams... - Basin St. Blues

Music pours out of every blissfuly deviant crevasse of it's heart. Art of every form and creature run rampant in it's streets.  Road meat and gourmet staples of boiled crawfish, jambalaya, oyster po-boys, etouffee,  red beans and rice, crab cakes, muffaletta, and beignets pair with chicory Cafe au lait, Sazerac, Hurricanes and Bloody Mary's to breath fuel into NOLA's diverse and gleeful people.

"New Orleans food is as delicious as the less criminal forms of sin." -Mark Twain

 In this city you needn't worry about fitting into the groove, just let yourself groove and you'll fall in. If you've lost your mojo or your feeling blue just find that spot beneath the great Oaks on a floating Island embraced by the Mighty Mississipi and the vast Lake Ponchartrain. You'll only be breaths away from the Gulf of Mexico and parish after parish yearning for individuals cut from the fringes of the worlds cloth or someone exact like you.  Need something? You'll find it here. Missing something? Baby your standing on it!

"...We got magic, good and bad
Make you happy or make you real sad
Get everything you want, lose what you had
Down here in New Orleans..."  -Dr. John

Attraction is the lure that New Orleans sinks into each fresh soul that steps onto its pitted streets. After all why would a city built 6 feet below sea level, originally home to the Choctaw Indian or "laziest of all native americans", be so desperately sought after by the French then Spanish, French again and finally the English settlers? "Hey partner, don't be shy. Come on down here and give us a try. You wanna do some livin' before you die. Do it down in New Orleans". 

With an abbreviated list of amazing New Orleanians like Louis Armstrong, Truman Capote, Anne Rice, Wynton Marsalis, The Neville Brothers, Dr. John, Kid Ory, Fats Domino, and enchanted visitors as far back as Degas... quite frankly 

New Orleans is where'm at baby!

Come on down to New Orleans where you are everyones Baby, Sugar, Darling, or Honey

Your friends are plentiful

Opportunity abounds

and the good times roll on...

     -New Orleans Jazz Vipers

-Rebirth Brass Band


 -Louis Armstrong 

 -Kermit Ruffins

 -Galactic Feat. Irma Thomas

 - Les Paul

Meet me in New Orleans...   Kristen




el Amor en el Yunque!

First of all I need to apologize for my tardiness on this amazing and waaaay overdue post; I'm sorry. I simply couldn't decide which photos to show you. I looove them all and really, really, love about 100 that I wanted to post. After some intense deliberation I narrowed them down to... hmmm less than that... hehe.

Kelley and Ezra looked amazing as friends and family witnessed their matrimony standing at the foot of an amazing waterfall in el Yunque Rainforest. The sun sparkled through the canopy and a cool breeze blew through the bamboo. The sounds and sights and even tastes were perfect: Kelley and Ez mixed an awesome "monkey-tini" during the ceremony to symbolically intertwine their love and taste buds together. I could write about their spectacular wedding all night, but I will not keep you waiting any longer!

With no further adieu; the Love Birds...

And they lived happily ever after...

♥ Kristen ♥


el Amor en el Viejo San Juan...

Here are those awesome engagement portraits I promised! It was so fun to shoot in such an amazing and texturally unique city. Check it out...

zombies! Hehehe, a little inside wedding joke...

Thanks for being awesome subjects Kelley and Ez!!!

Love, Kristen

P.S. Wedding and some Puerto Rico portraits coming soon!


Sneak Peak...

We're Back from Puerto Rico!!!! What an amazing trip! Kelley and Ezra's Wedding was absolutely the sweetest and most amazing day/weekend I've had in a while.

I have so much to tell you and show you from our trip, but... I just got back, sooo this photo from Kelley and Ezra's engagement shoot two nights before the wedding should hold you over for at least a few days. The entire shoot was in Old San Juan. The four of us had a blast touring the blue stone streets and finding little corners, doorways and side streets to shoot on. I love this photograph; the light and warmth perfectly describe the feeling in this sweet little spot high on a bluff in the back streets of Viejo San Juan...

Stay tuned for more...

Love, Kristen


Puerto Rico Baby!

The Vineyard is in slumber and hybernation is on the brink of the new year here on the island. It's always about this time every year when I remember that I am a warm weather gal! It gets harder and harder to control my wanderlust once that 'ol ball drops. So...It's time for vacation; Puerto Rico here I come!!!

Here are some snaps from years past... 

This time I will have the pleasure of photographing the wedding of a great friend and fellow photographer, Kelley DeBettencourt. We will be spending our first few days in Old San Juan and the Jungle of El Yunque shooting away. 

Check back in Late January for our post of Kelley's wedding and our trip.

***The studio will be closed from January 4th through the 24th***

Stay warm and cozy!!!!

♥ Kristen ♥



Music for your soul...

In a time when we are supposed to be relaxed and enjoying our families and lives the most, we can be faced with anxiety, stress, short days and long nights, crazed work loads and tight wallets! It's time to take back a few moments and rejoice, believe in joy and just be. From my heart to yours, here are a few tunes that wake up my soul and make me get up and be the best me I can be! 

make sure you can crank it!

♥ Kristen ♥


The Tucker Family; I Do Part Duex!

After what seemed like 40 days of rain; the sky's finally parted! We had an absolutely gorgeous day this past Saturday, and just in time too, because the Tucker's deserved a beautiful day for their ceremony!  It's not very often that I have the pleasure to photograph vow renewals. In a way, they are much simpler than a wedding ceremony, but also much more complex. Usually the vow renewal ceremony is just the nuclear family, and in this case the nuclear family that the bride and groom have created. The children watch as their parents commit to sharing their lives together once again, but this time they promise a commitment knowing exactly what those two little words; I DO, really mean! We all strive for such a commitment, and the desire to make it again after 10 years of marriage and children. Congratulations on a job well done for 10 years, and I wish you 90 more!


Thank you for being such an awesome bunch! You are a truly inspiring family!

♥ Kristen ♥