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The Wolff family 2019

It's the Wolff Family and we're back to our favorite Portrait spot! Sheriffs Meadow in historic Edgartown, it's such a beautiful walk meandering through the woods with breaks to lookout over ponds and Ocean. We even had some Swans photo bomb us! The light in August, especially on this trail, is just remarkable and this year we went for an evening portrait, I think it's our best one yet! Thank you Wolff Clan for being always fun and kind, I look forward to your Family portrait so much every Summer!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Tatro Family 2019

This year for the Tatro's Portrait we stole away to a little known gem of a landscape in Edgartown, I love this spot and the light couldn't have been better! The Tatro's are so sweet and some of my most laid back subjects, it is always a pleasure to photograph their family portrait! I especially loved Rachel's hair this year, as I too recently went "red", so fun! You guys were great as usual and it was so nice to see you all again!!!

xoxoxo ♥Kristen


The Littleton & Kimi Family 2019

What a fun morning photo shoot on Lamberts Cove Beach! We had a blast wrangling these 4 beautiful kiddos and acting like clowns to get them to smile for my camera, as you can see from these fun shots it was totally worth it! It was so great to see you all again this Summer and spend the morning on Lambert's Cove Beach with you! You were some pretty cool customers for having 4 tiny kiddos at the shoot! I hope to see you all again next Summer!

xoxoxo ♥Kristen


The Doherty Family 2019!

You will definitely recognize this adorable family! I have been photographing them since Big Brother Jack was just a Baby, but it all started with Brian and Julie's Wedding on the Vineyard a "few" years back. 😉 They are the cutest! Seriously! I love you guys!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Chrissy & Daniel's Edgartown Maternity Portrait...

You might recognize these two happy Love Birds from their engagement portrait back in 2016. I was lucky enough to be there snapping pics when Daniel popped the question and Chrissy said Yes! Well, an "I DO" and a few summers later and here we are with a baby on the way! I'm so excited for you both and I can't wait to meet your little peanut! I hope I get to post the first Frick Family Portrait up here on the blog next Summer!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥Kristen


Burke Family Portrait

The Burke Family Portrait was a blast, it was raining cats and dogs outside but we still managed to have fun and capture a bunch of great shots. This clan was so fun and easy going! Thank you all so much for being so great to photograph. I hope you all come back again next Summer!!!

xoxoxo - Kristen


The Newest Loyns Family Member...

Congratulations to the Handsome Loyns Family on their newest and cutest little baby boy!!! It is so amazing to watch your family grow, I can't wait to photograph this little champ when he is 6 months old! I wish you all a healthy summer with as much sleep as possible!!! 

xoxoxox ♥ Kristen


Meet Beautiful Baby Britta!

The Shaw family is back and their newest addition is the cuuuuutest little baby girl! Meet Britta, what a little peach. Thank you guys for another wonderful portrait session with you and your sweet baby girls. It's always such a pleasure to photograph you guys. Congratulations on your beautiful family!

xoxoxo Kristen



Newborn Bliss...

Another beautiful Baby boy for us all to gush over! I was lucky enough to photograph his parents and big brother a few years back at their beautiful Autumn Vineyard wedding in Edgartown. It's such a blessing to then get asked to come and photograph the little life this family created in his first weeks of life! And what a cutie pie!!! Thank you guys, it was wonderful to see you all! 

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Loyns Family & Maternity

Kristen Leigh Conklin Photography is now offering amazing Newborn Packages that include Maternity, 6month and first birthday cake smash portraits all in one! Gia and her family are my first beautiful subjects to work with me on this new package and I couldn't be happier. This is the first blog post in a year long sequence of this gorgeous and growing family! I'm so excited to capture these amazing moments for them as their family of 4 becomes a family of 5. Gia you look amazing and I cannot wait to meet your newest little love! 

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen



This was such a fun engagement shoot! First off I've known this beauty since she was a wee one and I'm so excited to see her and her man so happy together. Rob and Taylor, you guys are the sweetest couple. I love your playful goofiness and amazing commitment to stone cold serious faces. Though we were literally caught in a wind storm we managed to create some beautiful and hillarious shots together. Although I have to say, hands down, the PJ pic is my fav. Love you both and congratulations on getting hitched!

XOXOXO ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Chrissy & Sidenil!!!

I'm so lucky to witness this wonderful union between one of my great Island friends and her new Hubby! It might have been a cold and blustery day on the Vineyard but the warmth of love was all around these two as they said I do. It snowed throughout the day, which I think has to be luckier than rain, but Chrissy and Sidenil still let me take them out to the bluff for some great couple portraits. Thank you both for allowing me to photograph such a special day in your life together! Check out these two love birds...

 xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Newborn Shane...

I had the great pleasure of photographing this little Man's Mama only a few weeks before he was born. We had a wonderful Natural light shoot in his nursery. It was so fun to come back a few weeks later to see the Nursery all set up and this amazing little person out in our world. It's a wonderful thing to witness a friend become a mother and a couple become a family! Congratulations you three, you make an adorable family! ♥ Kristen



Newborn Maddox...

Okay, I might be biased but, come on, how frickin' beautiful is this little man? The apple didn't fall far from the trees ;) I was so excited to capture these moments of Maddox, they are only this little for such a very short time. Since having my own little Newborn i am sooo in love with Newborn and Maternity portraits! It's my new favorite. Enjoy! ♥ Kristen

And Handsome Big Brother Wyatt too...


The Boyer's Family...

What a wonderful evening in Menemsha I had with this adorable Family! The Boyer's were on vacation on the Island all the way from Canada, but I actually went to school with The Mom of this cute clan! It was so great to see you again and meet your family! Thank you for choosing me to capture your vacation, it was such a pleasure! I hope I get to see you all again on your next visit!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Lamarca Family 2018!

What an incredible evening we had up in Maine photographing the Lamarca Extended Family! The light and the sky was just breathtaking and it was such a joy to see Amanda & Tim again and to meet their adorable twins!!! You might remember Amanda & Tim from their wedding photos and Island Weddings Magazine Cover photo! Now they have the sweetest family of four! Thank you to the entire Family for having me up to your house and choosing me as your Family Photographer!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Phillips-House Family 2018

For the Phillips-House Family Portrait this year we had a wonderful time at the Beach Plum Inn where a "few" years back now Amy and Joe tied the knot! It was so nice to walk around the grounds with their beautiful boy and reminisce about their wedding day, the evening light couldn't have been more dreamy! Thank you guys for another great portrait session, I'm so glad we were able to connect and shoot at the Beach Plum Inn! I hope to see you again next Summer!!!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Chmielewski Family 2018!

It was such an incredible end to a very hot Summer on Marth'as Vineyard! We squeezed in a great family portrait Session at the Edgartown Lighthouse just before Labor Day with this adorable family whom I know you'll recognize from the last 2 years. Their little girl get's smarter and cuter every time I see her! And thanks to her Uncle she also always looks fabulous for their Family Portraits! Thank you guys for another great photo session, I can't wait until next year!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Dempsey Family 2018...

Last Year when I photographed the Dempsey Family in Vineyard Haven, they were almost ready to have their third child, this Summer I got to meet the little guy and Oh my goodness do these parents make cute babies!!! I enjoy photographing families so much, not just because we get to run around on the beach and have fun playing but also because I get to witness and capture them growing and changing, it is such a wonderful thing! I actually had the pleasure of photographing Patrick & Amanda's Wedding years back on the Allen Farm during quite an intense and beautiful stormy day! Their oldest was an adorable little girl at the time, I just can't believe what a beauty she has grown to be! Jack, their middle one is such a hoot; I'm thinking potential comedian actor! I loved all of his expressions so much I just had to make a collage! I can't wait until next Summer when their littlest one will be running around too! Thank you all for another wonderful Portrait Session!!!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Wolozin Family...

I know you'll recognize this Awesome Clan... I had the pleasure of photographing Becky & Lou's Wedding in Aquinnah a few years back and since then I've been lucky enough to photograph their growing family since Sammy, their absolutely adorable little boy, came along. Now they are expecting their second baby and I just can't wait until next Summer's portrait to meet and photograph him or her as the newest addition to the Family! Thank you all for another fun portrait session!!!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen