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South Beach Family Fun!

Sand, sun, superheros, grandparents, races and magical flowers and places where all part of our family portrait shoot on South Beach! It was such a pleasure to meet this sweet family and photograph them and their little ones. Thank you guys for a great shoot! I hope to see you all again next Summer!!!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen



The Studness Family 2017

The Studness Family is back and this Summer we went out to Quansoo to run around on the Beach and capture these three wild boys running around and being kids! We somehow managed to have them sit and stand still for a couple too! Thanks for another great shoot you guys! I hope to see you again next Summer.




The Wolozin Family 2017

One of my favorite locations and families to photograph on the Vineyard... The Wolozin's! First off their family couldn't be sweeter and more adorable, aaaand the land around their home makes for the most amazing backdrops, I simply can't mess it up! Thank you guys for another great photo shoot! I can't wait to see you again next Summer!





The Viola Family 2017...

Last time I photographed the Viola family they had 1 grandchild... as you can see this family just keeps getting bigger and better! I love it. We had a crazy, wet and fun morning trying to wrangle toddlers, babies and boys and get them to smile. It was my pleasure to see you all again and photograph your family once again. I can't wait until the next time!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Joiner Family 2017...

It was so great to see these three again this summer. Check out their little cutie pie! The adults had fun running around on the beach and trying to convince her to smile. We had a great shoot out on Tashmoo in Vineyard Haven, Tashmoo is one of my favorite spots on the Island, and getting there is not for the faint of heart; which makes it all the better. Thank you guys for being such great sports! I hope to see you three next summer on the Beach!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen




The Tatro Family 2017...

You might recognize the smiling faces of the Tatro Clan from last years Family Portrait at Owen Park. This year we met at the Edgartown Light House for some fun Family photos and Senior Portraits! Thank you guys again for being such great subjects and fun to hang out with! I hope to see you again next Summer on the Island!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen




The Reiter Family...

I had the pleasure of photographing the "Reiter" Clan the other week at the Gadgetorium in Katama. You might recognize a few of the clan from past family portraits and Weddings. I love photographing family portraits of couples who's weddings I photographed a few years back. It's awesome! Can we just admit right now that the Reiter's make adorable children!!! Thanks guys, I hope to see you all again on the island next Summer.

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen




It's that time of year again when our future leaders are gearing up for their final year of High School. Emma, her Mom, and I had an awesome Senior Portrait shoot in Aquinnah on Moshup Beach. The overcast skies where perfect to bring out the colors in the Clay Cliffs and Emma's eyes. I love capturing the beauty, confidence and grace that exudes from teenagers when they're given the opportunity to bare it. Emma, thanks for being a wonderful subject, I had a blast working with you!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Dempsey's 2017!

The Dempsey's are back on the Vineyard for another Summer and expecting their third baby soon! I can't wait to meet the little guy and photograph their family of five next Summer! We tromped around Owen Park in Vineyard Haven on a "Fall-like" August day and captured some great shots of the whole family! Check out this adorable gang...

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Boccaccio's 2017!

The Boccaccio's and I had a blast running around on South Beach in Edgartown. Luckily we spent some time on the sand path and in the dunes because as soon as the littlest member of the family saw the Ocean he went straight for it! He's a fish for sure! It was such a pleasure working with you guys again again this year, and we managed to get some awesome photos before the wave dive! hehehe.

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Antonio Family!!!!

Oh My Gosh, are these twins not the CUTEST you've EVER seen? Seriously!! I love these guys! Ivy, aka Mama, always finds the most adorable outfits for the girls to wear. The 5 of us had so much fun running around Oak Bluffs! We hit the cottages, Ice cream, the Carousel, and the Beach! It was awesome and the girls were stars! Dad even carried the paddleboard back to our car. Thanks guys, you rock!!!

xoxoxoxox ♥ Kristen


The MacAllister Kids!!!

It was so wonderful to see these three kids and their beautiful Mom last week!I had the pleasure to photograph their Mom & Dad's wedding as well as each of them as babies and throughout the years. I love being able to watch families grow and especially getting to run around on the beach and play. Thank you guys for being such great sports. I hope to see you all again next summer!

xoxoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


The Doherty's 2017!

I was so excited to see the Doherty Family again this year, and to find out they are expecting their newest family member this fall! We had a blast running around in the yard through all of the dandelions. Watching this family grow is so amazing. Seriously guys, when I have children I'm calling you for advice, you're so amazing at being parents, I can't wait to meet the new baby next summer!

See you all next summer! Xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Sheriff's Meadow Portrait…

You might recognize this fun Family from their portrait sessions over the last few years. Mom & Dad are celebrating a big Anniversary this year and guess who was their photographer on the 'big day'?! It is the best part of my job to reconnect with families every year and capture new and fun memories for them. I love checking in and watching them grow; especially these two sweet brothers! Thank you guys for being so easy and fun, and congratulations on your anniversary!!!

XOXOXO ♥ Kristen



Painted House Beach Portrait…

What a wonderful Morning in Aquinnah. I had a blast following this clan around on the beach and snapping away. It was the first time the littlest member of the family had ever been to the beach! He was very intrigued by the sand and the water, an ocean baby for sure! Thank you guys for a great photo session, I hope to see you all again next Summer!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Family Beach Time!

Check out this Handsome Family! We had a blast running up and down South Beach on 4th of July weekend! Thank you guys for being so fun and awesome!


Meet Lowen...

It was my pleasure to photograph Lowen and her parents over the 4th of July week! The last time I photographed Lowen's Parents, Dustin and Morgan, they were gettin' hitched! Seems like it was yesterday and now they have a beautiful baby girl! So amazing and awesome. Thank you Guys!!!

Xoxoxo -Kristen


Congratulations Sam &Todd!!!

Summertime Weddings are my most favorite of all! Samantha and Todd had an amazing warm sunny day surrounded by friends and family in beautiful Edgartown. I am so lucky that they chose me to capture such a wonderful day in their lives. Sam & Todd, thank you, I wish you nothing but happiness!

xoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Adele & Fede!!!

What an AMAZING Day for an AMAZING Couple!!! Adele & Fede are a perfect match and so inspiring together. Oh, and... Adele's dress... also amazing! It was so wonderful to be a witness to such a special day and to be allowed to capture such honest memories. Being surrounded by Adele, Fede, and their family and friends was a wonderful experience. Adele & Fede, thank you for being so wonderful! I wish you all the joy that life has to offer!

xoxoxoxo ♥ Kristen


Congratulations Melissa & Jeremy!!!

It was such a pleasure to have my first wedding of the season be Melissa and Jeremy's Wedding, they are literally the sweetest couple ever. We had so much fun at their Engagement portrait that I couldn't wait for their wedding day and it was, of course, even more fun to photograph! Melissa & Jeremy, you two are awesome and I wish you nothing but the best in your Marriage! Congratulations!!!

xoxoxoxo, ♥ Kristen